When quality matters!

Brick and stone — A solid investment

It might be your best investment.  Here's why.

High durability - No dents or rot - Initial cost extended over long life cycle - Lower annual cost - More long term savings - Build and finish in one operation - Fire resistant - Lower insurance rates - Structural integrity - Supports roof systems - Excellent load bearing - Lasts centuries - Better insulation values - Moderates extreme temperatures - Design flexibilty - Multiple styles, colors, and techniques - Evironmentally friendly - No paint - No treatments - Reduced sound transmission - Better resale value

Here are two examples of how your business or home can be dramatically improved by Carver's Custom Masonry.  Reduce maintenance cost and increase resale value by adding quality masonry to property you own.  With 31 years of experience, Danny Carver can ccreate something beautiful for posterity.  

Before and after photos